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Best tips to enhance your marketing strategy

Best tips to enhance your marketing strategy

For any business marketing strategy, we have different choices like door-to-door marketing, advertisement on TV, or hiring an advertising agency for marketing campaigns, but these are too expensive for small and medium size companies. After an investment of thousands of dollars, we can get results, even so, we don’t know if this will be effective or not.

A large companies have billions of dollars budget, and they have a marketing team to handle good or bad situations.

So, what should small and medium size companies do?

If you are small and medium size business owner and don’t have billions of dollars budget, don’t panic, you can follow this perfect marketing technique, which I am going to explain in detail.

First of all, I assume you have basic knowledge of engaging your customers, but don’t know what they want to see on your website?

In this modern, fast, and busy world, customers find the easiest way to buy online and need to get the product or service very fast, so, if you have a website with crowded content visitors don’t have time to read hundreds of pages. It can be just effective for the SEO only. But it can’t be effective for the customers.

Explain your product with the graphics.

 It is very easy to understand for customers. Because peoples love to watch videos and graphics, you can easily convey your message through visuals, that’s why you have to give more importance to videos and graphic content.

So, the best way to promote your company is visual graphics, and you can get 100% benefits with it.

I  would like to explain you in a unique way, why visuals are important and explain the power of visuals with a dream and flashback, which you can understand better.

What you see in your daily life gets recorded in your brain, your brain remembers the visual and when you sleep, it shows in the form of a dream, it means visuals are very important to us and we believe in visuals, not only you, this happens to all human beings, therefore, you should give more importance to visuals.

One more example explaining the importance of visuals is if you recall your childhood age & go into your flashback, what you see? are you seeing visuals? of course, you remember all visuals of all ages, because whatever you see, your brain records all the visuals, no matter how old you are, and when the time comes, you can watch it in new video-like thoughts, so, it means visuals have power and are 100% effective.

As a visual, do you remember any words or phrases?

I would say no, people cannot remember words or sentences visually, so how can a customer remember your website text? have you ever thought? it can never be useful in present times, it may be temporary but not long term, when you turn them in visuals, you will remember for rest of your life.

For example, when most great authors write book stories, they try to create an environment just because they know how important visuals are, they tries to make an environment for the readers to feel them they are present in the story and sees everything.

So, it became clear; Visuals have more power than words.

The researchers found the best method for visual marketing, which was a 2d explainer video they found some 2d animation companies to make business marketing videos and they were successful in marketing a business. The first descriptor was Dropbox, because the Dropbox marketing team knew that people prefer to watch 2d explanatory animated videos rather than read the content, therefore, small and medium size business owners should follow the footsteps of a company that has an excellent marketing team and they knows what is the best marketing method.

What is Explainer video and why should we use it for business marketing?

Explainer video is the best way for marketing, it produces fast and effective results in sale, business owners can choose the best animation style for their product like whiteboard animation, cartoon style animation, info-graphic animation, paper-cut animation, or any style they want.

Through the Explainer video, you can explain your business in a very unique and modern way. For example; if you are launching a new product like gift items, playing products, toys, musical instruments, medical equipment, electric items, jewelry products, or any other product, as we know, through cartoon animation we can do everything that is not possible in reality, and if this animated video is at a reasonable price, what could be better than that!

Apart from business marketing, another advantage of this is if you do something individually and have a website of your work, you can also make a promotional explainer video for your work to promote it, like if you are a professional teacher, cartoonist, cook, or a trainer etc. you can show your portfolio to the world.

Where you can market your Explainer videos?

If you have a budget of Thousands or hundreds of dollars, you can order Explainer videos in a different style like Cartoon Style Explainer Videos, Whiteboard Explainer Videos, Paper-Cut Style Explainer Videos, Info-Graphic Style Explainer Videos and any favorite animation style that you want for your business, you can upload it on any social media platform like YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and can also advertise it there.

This is affordable for small business owners, these videos can be helpful increasing the business sales.

In this price you can get Script Writing, Professional Native Voiceover Recording, Storyboarding, Animation, Music, Sound Effects and Free Revisions.

Like below animations.

Paper Cut Animation with English Voiceover

01. Cartoon Style Explainer Video with English Voiceover

02. Infographic Explainer Video with Hindi VoiceOver

03. Whiteboard Animated Cartoon Video with British Voiceover

04. Whiteboard Animation with British VoiceOver

05. Live Action Video

What screen resolution should I choose for explainer videos?

If you are advertising on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or Linkedin then screen resolution will be 1920×1080, or if you want to upload it on Instagram then screen resolution will be different because Instagram support square screen 1080×1080. (10 minutes or less than  650mb size).

What is the best duration of an explainer video?

The duration depends on your different type of need, like the following:

  • Marketing Explainer video Duration

The best duration of an explainer video is 60 to 90 seconds for commercial use, we can write the best script for marketing with 160 to 230 words and we can explain your product in detailed and clever way.

  • Presentation or a Course Program Video Duration

If you are using it for a presentation or course program, the duration doesn’t matter, as long as your video explains everything.

Which company is best? and how do you find the best one for you?

If you want to know which company is better, keep a few things in mind;

  1.  First of all, you communicate via email at the official email address of the company (email example: company domain is mandatory.
  2. Always ask for the proof of work like video showreel and the link of animation styles, so you can choose any one of them for your business explainer video.
  3. After getting the response from the animation company and when you feel that you are satisfied with the video production company, you can share your project details with them.
  4. Tell them what budget you have reserved for an explainer video, and talk to them deeply.

This is the best way to find a perfect animation company.  

Stay safe and always prefer the text communication

Another thing to keep in mind, try to communicate via text, it’s better for you and will keep you safe, because if the company doesn’t meet your needs, you’ll have written proof, and you can show them while taking legal action when needed.

Share your budget for creating an Explainer Video

Most clients hesitate to reveal their video budget and they stop communicating with company, because, some companies have a price list and everything is explained in it, which make clients worried, but we are here to communicate with you, discuss your video budget with us, and we will manage video pricing within your budget to build a long-term business relationship with you.

We think time is precious for clients

As a video production company, we understand that time is precious to our clients, so we communicate deeply and try to satisfy them with quick replies, we aim to always deliver the video within timeframe, so clients can launch the video for their customers on time.

What would be the best work process of an Explainer Video?

The best way to work with the animation company is to keep updated by a company on each step, these are the following steps.

Step 1- Script writing

Step 2- Voiceover recording,

Step 3- Storyboarding

Step 4- Animation.

Step 5- Final Video Output in mp4 format.

Contact us now if you are interested to discuss for an Explainer Video?


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