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About us At Graphite Work, we have an urge about promoting people, concepts, businesses, and large-scale organizations, which steered us to meet new and captivating ventures. Worldwide we are facilitating clients and always being there for their projects and ventures, to help them produce quality animated videos. Today, we consume all the important technical expertise to generate animated marketing videos. We work on a wide range of animation styles from whiteboard videos to stop motion graphics. 

We cater to our clients according to the consumer’s tastes and perceptions. And they are up to the needs of our respected customers. We at Graphite Work enlighten the business, idea, or service in a pleasurable and pleasing way. The animated explainer videos interest and appeal, and are easy to understand, not forget with all the potential to go viral. Video marketing is a must-have for expanding businesses because they always send a Seamless message , which gives a healthier chance to get conversion as compared to plain scripts. 

Our company deliver the great content!

Here at Graphite Work, we deliver an animated web video, which is the best striking and eye-catching way for you to get your service, venture, and ideas noticed. Our business explainer videos originates in unique styles like kinetic text, storytelling, marketing video, promo video, and whiteboard styles. The power of a video is extreme, it makes a person want to buy a product and try it. 

We at GraphiteWork, use that reason to good effect. So try out our animated videos and we give you the assurance that you will have the increased conversion and the brand awareness that our pleased clients have already experienced. Let’s hold hands and enter the never-ending world of animated explainer videos with us.


01. Concept and writing script

The progression of our explainer videos starts from gathering all the obligatory information, that might be desirable, from the clients, and then it is further processed by writing the script. Not to forget, before starting all the procedures, a questionnaire is sent to the client which clarifies the actual need of the client. After this is done, the scriptwriter jumps on working the script, and after the completion, the copy is then forwarded to the client for amendment and the modification accordingly. Once it’s corrected again, it is directed to the client for revision.

Script writing concept designed by Graphite Work
Storyboard design concept by Graphite Work about us page

02. The storyboard

After the script is approved, we start working on the storyboard. A storyboard is a graphic organizer in the form of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequence. It actually consists of the script which is defined in visual frames in the form of slides.

03. Voice-Over Recording

The process now travels, where the storyboard transforms into an illustration. Proceeding further, the voice-over is selected by the client. We send a wide range of sample voices and the client has the freedom to choose the voice, and select it as per their requirement, keeping in the mind the actual need of the video. Adding to it a questionnaire is also provided to the customer to help them pick the accurate voice-over of the video.

Voice over recording concept design by Graphite Work
Animation Process concept design by Graphite Work

04. Process of Animation

In this second last and the most important stage, the accumulation of all the earlier steps and processes are prepared. That is, the animations and the illustrations are synchronized together along with the voice over and the background music. While the approval of the clients is required in every stage. Not a single is taken without the confirmation of the client. The client, agreement is the key which makes the process running.

05. Publish

And lastly, the publishing part takes place, where we make sure that the video is delivered in the best ever quality and in different formats, so it can be used and uploaded according to the requirements of the customer. So this is how we process a web explainer video at Graphite Work.

Launch Rocket Concept with Likes and Hearts Designed by Graphite Work

Why choose our company?

At Graphite Work, overall the quality of the work and video is highly professional in nature. We deliver the video efficiently and also exceed the client’s expectations. We consume a Great and Passionate team to work with. Great communication skills, and always on-time work. We clearly understand what video you are looking for and help drive great revenue Quality work, timely deliverable, and cost-efficient, but these are the only few potentials and assets you can count on, the real fun will begin when you actually interact with us and get the results that our other customers catch from our explainer video. And not to forget, THEY ARE TREMENDOUS.


Take a look at our sample explainer videos, we have produced a bulk of videos for our contented clients this explainer video assortment isn’t a crown to our video marketing expertise. It’s not an angle of accomplishments that we can pat ourselves on the back for. It’s a constant recap of how blessed and fortunate we are to work with some really great companies, and all the unconceivable stuff we’ve been able to do together. Don’t forget to check out the types of videos we create, Watch some examples and understand which video type is right for you.