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Energetic Vyond Cartoon Animated Explainer Video and Whiteboard Animation

What is Vyond-style animation?

Vyond animation software is preset for characters and backgrounds. Users can just drag and drop readymade designs according to our video script or voiceover. And can make a good video with HD quality. In this software, we have some options like changing the facial expressions, colors, and background colors. Vyond is considered to be the best style of today, which is in high demand from UK and USA clients.

Graphite Work Video Production Created Vyond Animations For Whistleblowing (Click on the image)

Why Vyond style?

It is a unique and innovative style of animation and most of the clients in the UK and USA like these Vyond animations. The unique feature of Vyond software is that, clients who want to convey their message in a funny and innovative way they can choose this software for our music videos or business explainer videos.

What is the difference between Custom Animation and Vyond Animation?

In custom animation, we can design the characters as per our expectations and animate them as we want. But unfortunately, this option is not available in the Vyond software. In Vyond we can only use the available specific options for the animation. If the client thinks out of the box so No worries, clients have the option to choose custom animations for the video by using Vyond-style characters and animate it as they wish. Contact the graphite work team for the Vyond custom videos Graphite Work designers can design characters as per the client’s expectations under the Vyond style. This is a custom video link.

Why do people love Vyond-style animations?

Because Vyond animations are quickly produced and delivered to the client with stunning results, the most important thing for the client is his time, and Vyond animation saves the client’s time.

Is Vyond animation expensive?

Vyond-style animations are not very expensive. It is affordable and it comes within the client’s budget. The reason is that this software has specific characters, and backgrounds with actions. Animators can use only these actions, no one can change the animation style that is not available in the software.

What is the key difference between Vyond whiteboard animation and Custom whiteboard animation?

The key difference between Custom whiteboard animation and Vyond whiteboard animation is very simple. In Vyond, clients can use only a few designs that are available in the software. like in VideoScribe, Doodly, and Powtoon. But in custom animation we don’t have boundaries, we can draw characters, products, and backgrounds as per our requirements with new and creative ideas and animate them as we want.

Vyond Whiteboard Animation

What about the script and voiceover?

In the Vyond software, clients can add recorded voiceover and music in the video, also a client can sync the voiceover with the animation. As well as he has the option to cut the voiceover according to the animation.

Can I create a Vyond video by myself?

Ummm yes 😊, clients can easily use this software but if a professional animator uses this software then the output quality will be smoother because the animator knows how to start the next animation after ending the animated layer. Vyond animation depends on keyframes. So, animators can easily handle this software.


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