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What are the vector images?

What are the vector images

What are the vector images, these images are created by Adobe Illustrator, the best thing about them is they are pixel-free images.

That means, every ordinary image, just like the below one, has pixels. If you zoom in on the image very closely you will see the rectangle boxes of different colors and they collectively create images.

Rectangle pixels boxes can be seen here

Vector images are built with strong solid color, and it doesn’t have any rectangle boxes, just like the image above you can zoom in to the vector image too and you will find out there are no pixels, which means they are expandable as much as you need for your specific need, you can create vector art for small 250x250px banner ad or the big building-sized 20x30m, you won’t need to worry about the size.

1. What are the benefits of vector images?

As I mentioned above, they are pixel-free, which means they can be expanded as much as you want, as well as they are preferred by a number of people, because in Adobe Photoshop, once the design is finalized we cannot expand as it will decrease the quality of graphics, on the other hand with the same file if we create in the Adobe Illustrator (Vector) doesn’t lower down the quality no matter how big you want the size to be.

2. Other benefits of the vector images

You can design your content, whether it can be cartoon characters or it can be a house, and you can sell them on the websites such as Shutterstock, etc.

Also, many websites welcome you to be their contributor, they will pay you a commission just after your upload is downloaded from their customers around the world.

3. How to learn designing a vector image?

There are hundreds of videos available on YouTube with free training in Adobe Illustrator, with more than 10-15 years of experience they will guide you from the beginning and you can easily understand and start to design vector images within a month and can start selling them within 2 months.

Tips before you create a vector image

I would like to give you some tips for your vector artistic career, never copy the artwork from anyone, you can only take inspiration and imagination, and 100% work should be yours. Always remember to not steal the graphics from anyone, if you do that the client you are working for won’t come back to you as they can face any copyright strikes and difficulties.

I hope this post helps you with the vector image, please feel free to comment below. I would love to see your opinions and feedback.


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